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Rosenbauer UK Ltd, part of the Rosenbauer Group, is the UK’s premier Fire & Rescue Service supplier of front line fire vehicles and fire-fighting equipment.

Rosenbauer are officially the largest, and most often referred to as the absolute best manufacturer of fleet and equipment options to Fire & Rescue Services across the planet. Now based permanently on UK shores in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Rosenbauer UK deliver a completely Anglicised range of Fire Service trucks and equipment backed up quickly, efficiently and reliably by the industry’s most prestigious service team.

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The New AT of Rosenbauer

The new AT of Rosenbauer was one of the main highlights at the Interschutz 2010. Also in 2011 the innovative vehicle concept will be in the centre of public eye: Rosenbauer presents the new AT image video — Enjoy four minutes full of emotion!

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